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What is your priority for your wedding?

I found this impressive article from VOGUE and introduced a virtual quarantine wedding in Brooklyn in NY.

Their wedding was beautiful, fulfilled, and celebrated by their close friends, neighbors, and virtual guests via Zoom.

The most impressive and moving part for me was that this couple thought of what the priority for their wedding was and challenged their recreation of wedding planning, how this couple and guests can share their happiest moment in the lockdown situation.

And they made it!

I think it is essential to think of the priority to realize your wedding regardless of whether you are in the lockdown or not. 

The priority for this couple was saving the wedding date, 5/10/20, and accepting online messages from their loved ones and friends, " Love can not be Cancelled. "

I don't mean that this choice is right or not.

I would like you to keep taking your priority for your wedding in mind.

If your priority is to celebrate your wedding with your family and friends in person, it is an excellent decision to postpone your wedding day until the safe days come back, of course, and we do respect that decision. 

Especially, our couples who work with for their wedding are from oversea and need to cross the borders of countries by flight. In terms of closing borders between nations, each of the governments decides, and there is no choice. Our confirmed couples who were supposed to hold their wedding in March, April, and May had to postpone their wedding date to next year, and we feel our heart-break to think of their no-choice decision. Hence this feeling encourages me to work harder for those couples so that they can show the happiest smiles at their upcoming wedding.

What is your priority for your wedding?

Is it saving a date? Or celebrating with your families and friends in person? Or pledging your vows in secret between two of you? Simple/ minimal wedding or gorgeous one? 

Please tell us your priority and remember that your preference/priority is our priority.

We are here for you to realize your dream wedding in Kyoto, Japan, or other areas.


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