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What a romantic proposal at snowy Shirakawa Village in Japan!


Ricky had a dream to make a proposal to Vivian at snowy Shirakawa Village in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, which is famous for its unique houses with thatched peaked roves, and it is designated as a World Heritage Site. All season is beautiful but especially snowy season is very fantastic.

There was no snow until the day before, but during midnight it started snowing and in the morning, beautiful landscapes appeared.

Ricky escorted Vivian in the forest. There are many photos hanging from the trees to remember their days.

Looking at photos one by one, they reached the big wreath.

In front of it, Ricky finally made a proposal to Vivian.

His dream came true at snowy and beautiful place at Shirakawa Village.

We, all team members were so pleased to support his big project and happy with the successful process and happy ending.


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