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The mission to propose under the cherry blossoms


The man’s marriage proposal mission was a great success! He is from Mexico and came as a tourist.

This lovely couple visited Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Osaka before

coming to Kyoto as their final location for the proposal.

The very first of his request was …

The first thing he requested was to have the proposal take place under beautiful cherry blossoms.

Then, he said he wanted a woman wearing a kimono to escort his girlfriend.

To be honest, we were worried whether we could offer such a perfect place.

As you know, the best time to see cherry blossoms is in early April.

For this reason, we searched extensively as best we could and

found a place with Shidare cherry blossoms (Weeping Cherry Tree), which are known for their later blooming time. “Nakaraginomichi”

Under the fully bloomed cherry blossoms

However, with the good fortune, the cherry blossom season was delayed this year, so the request to have the proposal to take place during the peak blooming period and we were blessed with beautiful weather!

I was hiding behind a decorated wall of trees and watched the proposal scene take place. When I heard her say the word, “ yes”, I was so moved that my eyes filled with tears…It was so beautiful…This is how a couple is created…Therefore, I cannot stop working to help create beautiful moments like these! I love doing this!

Anyway, what an adorable and lovely couple they are!

Their wedding ceremony will be held in Mexico next year and we have also been invited! Without a question I will be attending! I’m looking forward to it ☆

We are truly thrilled and are so thankful you chose Kyoto as the place to make your proposal!

I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to help you.


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