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Planner's Blog- Sunset elopement at the seaside - Kanagawa, Japan

Elopement wedding has not known among Japanese couples much yet.

I learned of the elopement wedding style by couples from overseas, and love that style because a couple can...

- exchange vows in their words intimately and secretly

- exchange vows and rings anywhere and anytime ( Unlimited options!)

- spend time in two of them, be themselves and act freely during ceremony and photography

- focus on spending time in two of them all day on their special day

- plan a wedding reception formally or casually separately later on if they would like to

So I started introducing this styled wedding via a Japanese website and social network a few months ago. Finally, a couple who live in Tokyo eloped at a beach in Hayama in Kanagawa last week!!

When I explained what an elopement wedding is via Skype before their decision, they said it was hard to imagine how it looks. But they jumped into the unfamiliar wedding style for their wedding even though it is so prevalent in western countries!

While I told their love story about how they met and nurtured their relationship, they listened to each of the words and sound of waves with their closed eyes. They read the vows that they prepared in advance towards a beautiful sun, view, and ocean. They were shy to say vows in their own words, but it was impressive and beautiful that they read them together and pledged their love!

I was so happy to hear that they felt intimate, especially when they looked back on their love story and liked the style of wedding:D

It takes about 1, 2 hours by car ( depending on the traffic condition) from Tokyo. Still, I recommend staying at luxury accommodation for a few nights and having a romantic, intimate, and memorable time.

The area also would be perfect for your destination wedding with your guests!

We are willing to suggest some ideas for your luxury stay :)


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