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Site visits on behalf of couples who live abroad

I mainly work for couples who live abroad and do planning together.

When they source a venue for their dream destination wedding, they google search or something online and it is useful.

However, it is not enough to decide your wedding venue, as you know.

To solve the anxious issues, I am pleased to do site visits on your behalf 😉

I am willing to go to any locations throughout Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa!!

I take photos and shoot videos on-site and send you a slide and Youtube video.

Last time, I went to beautiful wedding venues in Kyoto and Hakone.

Of course, the site visit is MUST-DO for me to know the details, but the information after the site visits would be helpful for couples for sure!

I am not a professional video editor, but I do my best so that the couple can feel happy to know the details and inside of the venues. ( Actually, couples said that those videos and slides are helpful so much!! I feel so happy to hear that✨)

I am shy but am pleased to show you a sample I edited for a confirmed couple.

I do hearings from couples before I do site visits, what they would like to know and take a look at, such as rooms, guest rooms ( If the venue includes accommodation), logistics, and so on.

We also do location scoutings for couples who elope in Japan:)

So please don't be worried to realize your destination weddings and elopements in Japan beyond your countries!!

We are here to assist you and feel comfortable doing planning together!

The current situation of Covid 19 in Japan is quite good and safe.

We still have to see how the situation goes, but I hope it goes better and the border re-open early next year.

I am always welcome to hear from you!!

Thank you so much for reading😄


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