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Do you need a short-term elopement wedding coordination in Japan?


Japanese Wedding planning system is a little bit different from the Western one.

In Japan, wedding companies possess and operate their wedding chapels and venues. Their in-house planners coordinate at their assigned venues, only not any other areas. They have their in-house wedding attire shop, florists, photography, videography, and chef.

When you choose a venue, and they provide both of their wedding ceremony and reception service at their venue. You don’t need to worry about anything as long as they can communicate in your language with you.

It is a kind of efficient way to have your destination in Japan, I think. On the other hand, most of their companies don’t allow you to bring your wedding attires, photographers and videographers into their venues. Or to bring those external vendors into the wedding venues, they charge the corkage fee, JPY 30,000-50,000 or more.

In Western countries, most wedding planners are freelanced or run their own wedding companies, and they can do planning any venues without any restrictions. It means you can hold your wedding ceremony and reception at a different venue, and the planner can do the planning and coordinate beyond venues/places freely.

If you engage your welcome party, wedding ceremony and reception venues separately in Japan, a planner who helps to communicate over the three venues is required to hire. She/ he arranges the whole timeline, manage the entire day so that your big day goes smoothly.

At that time, please contact me when you need help!

The number of freelanced planners increased these a few years, but it is not enough, especially in Kyoto and Kansai region ( Osaka, Kobe, Nara and more.)

I am willing to be your bridging role in realizing your dream wedding in Japan!

If you need a month of coordination service, please let me know! If you need a week of coordination service, please let me know! If you need a partial planning service to communicate between you and your chosen venue, please let me know!

I am willing to assist you to complement some lacking roles for your wedding planning in Japan😀


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