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Perfect Elopement Wedding at Kumihama, in Kyoto Prefecture


This time, the couple’s elopement destination was Kumihama (we say, Kyoto by the Sea), located about 2 hours away from central Kyoto.

Let us introduce their journey of elopement wedding. They selected this location because the bride loves oysters and seafood a lot. She got a proposal on a boat for oyster picking.

Tango Peninsula is crab season from November to February is in the crab highest season. People can enjoy crabs and oysters in luxurious villa with hot springs.

On the day of the wedding, they were very fashionable wearing elegant mini dress with bright yellow heels, blue tuxedo with oyster designed socks.

They exchanged vows and rings at the top of Mt. Kabuto which has the grand view of the sea. It was a beautiful wedding with tears and smiles, which was impressive to us as well.

After the ceremony, for sightseeing, they visited local temple and the sake brewery for tasting. It was fun to interact with local people ad local products. It seemed that two nights and three days passed very quickly.

A legal marriage was also held in Kumihama (some places may not be possible, depending on the country). It seemed very happy since they became the official married couples, both in Japan and the United States.

Next day, they went to honeymoon. The destination they selected was “Naoshima” in SETOUCHI which is well-known as art island.

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Oct 05, 2021

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