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Exclusive Offer / “Megumi Special in Tokyo“ for the Elopement Wedding in May, 2020


We are very pleased to provide the exclusive offer of “Megumi Special in Tokyo”. Ms. Megumi Carver, Australia's only Japanese civil marriage celebrant, will come to Tokyo. If you plan the elopement wedding in Japan, we highly recommend to get this amazing chance in May. 

Booking Period: Until April 20th, 2020

Execution Period: From May 12nd(Tue) to May 24th(Sun), 2020

Location: Within Tokyo 23 wards

Package Price: JPY 250,000 + tax

Celebrant: Ms. Megumi Carver, Australian Government authorized Japanese celebrant


      - Elopement ceremony of original script by Megumi Carver       - Planning and coordination       - Make-up and hair-styling for a bride       - Simple bouquet and boutonniere       - Professional photography (retouched JPEG web data ) - one location

      - Transportation by taxi (round-trip from hotel to elopement location)

      - Legal marriage support (if required)

Plus - Location Fee: 1. Otaguro Park:JPY3,000

 2. Arisugawa-no-miyaMemorial Park: JPY5,000

 3. Kinuta Park: JPY5,000


Additional location for photo-shooting: JPY30,000

Additional transportation (taxi): JPY5,000

About Megumi Carver:

Megumi Carver is a Sydney Based civil marriage celebrant and MC.

She was appointed to be a civil marriage celebrant by the Attorney General’s Department of Australia in 2012 and has been officiating civil marriage since then. She is the only Japanese civil marriage celebrant in Australia.

She has the best of both Japanese and Australian qualities. Professional and organised, easy-going and fun to work with. She creates a personalised and heartfelt ceremony filled with joy and laughter. Couples often say they felt like their friend has married them rather than just a celebrant they found online.

She is also known for her style. She is originally from Tokyo and loves art and all things fashion, and her clients look forward to finding out what she will be wearing on their special day!

Being an only Japanese civil marriage celebrant in Australia, Megumi specialises in bilingual (English and Japanese) wedding ceremony and often performs ceremonies in other cities such as Melbourne, Gold coast Brisbane, Tokyo, Kyoto, even in Barcelona! In 2019 she has officiated 36 weddings in total and half the ceremonies are bilingual ceremonies and others are in English only.

She is a wedding reception MC as well. She knows how to make everyone have an awesome time, while constantly time managing and liaising with the newlyweds, guest and the venue.

When she is not being a celebrant Megumi is a professional interpreter and translator with national accreditation (NAATI) She specialises in medical interpreting but also interprets at various business settings and translates for the Australian government.

In personal life, Megumi has been happily married for 13 years with 2 daughters and loves coffee, champagne, reading, shopping and visiting museums.

Read her 100% 5-star reviews on Google review.


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