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(Location Scouting) Shodo-shima Island, Kagawa Pref.

Shodo-Shima island is located in the Sea of Setouchi between Okayama and Kagawa, and they belong to Kagawa prefecture.

We visited the island one month ago for location scouting. I love traveling and see if they would have excellent locations and spots for elopement/destination wedding:)

And yes! The island was an excellent location for those wedding events.

We took a high-speed craft from Takamatsu port ( Kagawa Pref. side) and get to the island in 30 min!

First of all, I would like to introduce one designer's accommodation, Le Krasse Angel Road. They use vivid colors for walls, electrical appliances, and furniture, but each room is spacious and cozy.


②Kitchen and Dining area


④Living room

The view from the living room is perfect! You can see Angel road like this!

And we found some nice spots for your exchanging vows and rings on the next day!

・ A big olive tree with ocean view in the background.

・a quiet beach - no waves and fewer tourists

Photoshoot with barefoot must be fun!

・A top of mountains - ocean and mountain views are splendid!

・Rice fields - this rural view might make you feel the origin of the way of living in Japan.

・In olive garden - with a windmill

Olive oil and Olives are famous for Shodo-Shima island, but we found other delicious foods and seasonings! Fresh fish, olives and soy sauce, and salad dressing using olive oil, soy sauce, and garlic were delicious!

We recommend you rent a car and drive around the island taking a few hours.

We are pleased to take you to a few locations and spots to suit a beautiful and intimate photoshoot for an elopement.

If you are interested in an elopement/destination wedding in Shodo-Shima island, please feel free to contact us anytime!

We are willing to offer a travel arrangement as needed:D


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