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Why elope in Kyoto, Japan ?


As you might know, Kyoto is one of well-known areas for domestic and international tourists.

  • 1700 buddhism temples and 800 shrines

  • Perfectly beautiful and delicious Japanese cuisine ( Washoku- Kaiseki cuisine) origined from Kyoto 

  • Most of cultures started from Kyoto – Tea ceremony, Flower arrangement, Japanese sweets and so on

  • Beautiful tourist spots- Gion, Arashiyama, Kifune and so on

  • A Manga museum 

  • Beautiful Sakura ( cherry bloosoms) and autumn leaves

and more.

How many tourists visit from overseas and stayed in Kyoto in 2018, you think?

About 1.2 million tourists stayed in Kyoto as least one night. Especially, from the end of March to Apil and from November to early December, the number of tourists hit the peak.

It means that the number of couples who choose Kyoto as their elopement wedding is increasing!

For couples, their honeymoon and elopement/destination wedding in Kyoto is considered as one set, and Kyoto is one of the best places to elope!

However, Kyoto prefecture is huge, and Kyoto city is just a part of it.

There are many hidden jams in Kyoto prefecture, and they are also great places to elope. I would like to recommend!

You can see how Kyoto prefecture is the big area below.

Kyoto by the Sea ( from Kyoto station, it takes about 2-3 hours by train, car or bus)

This area is located along the Sea of Japan and seafood are so fresh! Also, all vegetables and fruits are so fresh and delicious! Furthermore, there are Onsen Ryokan ( hotels with hot springs) sake factories, kimono fabric woven factory, some more historical buildings and places with exceptional nature!

If you elope there, you can enjoy the following scenes ( It is a sample plan)

Day 1- Departure from Kyoto station! (A planner is pleased to guide you:D)

Sight-seeing at Amanohashidate, one of the best three scenic places in Japan!

A big day! (Enjoy your stay at a luxury Onsen Ryokan/Hotel)

Elopement in front of waterfall, for example

Also it is beautiful to elope at Fishermen’s house villaIne no Funaya)

and more!!! (We are pleased to do location hunting for you! )

After your elopement ceremony, let’s enjoy local foods, cultural experiences with photoshoot!

Sake tasting!

You might encounter local people 😀  They must feel happy to be shared your happiness

And more and more! I want to introduce more!!!!! And you go back to Kyoto city or other destinations to proceed with your honeymoon!

Kyoto in the forest (It takes about 1 – 1.5 hours by car )

You do all preparation at your staying hotel in Kyoto city or Kyoto in the forest.

Miyama village is surrounded by magnificent nature and river. There old style of houses remains and a great spot to elope and photoshoot.

In autumn, Sakura leaves turns yellow and red. The view is also breathtaking..

Kyoto of Tea fields (It takes about 1-1.5 hours by car)

Kyoto is also famous for green tea because there are many green tea fields in that areas.

Unfortunately, I have not done elopement wedding there yet.. but the place must be great places to elope!!! (please let me know if you are interested in your elopement wedding!!)

Elopement of one day trip in Kyoto in the forests and Kyoto of Tea fields is possible, and more than one night stay is required in Kyoto by the Sea.

We make a tailor-made of elopement package depending on what you would like to have.

(locations, how many days, attires, length of photography and videography, and so on.)

Elopement in nature, Japanese gardens, shrines, and temples… and whatever you want! We are willing to realize your dream wedding:D

We look forward to hearing from you!


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