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KUJIRA-JIMA Resort, the inhabit island in SETOUCHI offers you an intimate elopement wedding.


KUJIRA-JIMA Resort “whale island” in Japanese resembling the shape of a whale, is one of the recommended locations for your elopement wedding or honeymoon in SETOUCHI (Seto Inland Sea), Okayama, Japan. The entire island is for exclusive use by one couple/group at a time so privacy is completely protected.

The region has recently become widely well known as contemporary art destination of The Setouchi Triennale in every 3 years in Naoshima and neighbor islands. The access is stress-free from Osaka, Kyoto and other major cities. For example, from Kyoto, it takes one hour by JR bullet train to Okayama Station, 40 minutes bus ride or 50 minutes by train from Okayama Station to Uno port, and then a private boat of the island will take you to the KUJIRA-JIMA Resort within 30 minutes. From the nearest port to the island is just 10 minutes.

BEyond Weddings & Events is pleased to arrange all details for your island elopement and adventure. When you take a private boat from Uno-port, your wedding journey already starts. The pier and boat are decorated with flowers to celebrate your big day. Heading for the island, all staffs welcomes you with the warmest SETOUCHI hospitality.

For the elopement, we can set up any style you want. After the elopement, you can walk to the opposite side of the island to see the beautiful and romantic SETOUCHI sunset. At night, enjoy a lot of stars as if you monopolized all stars and a moon in the cosmos. Activity of stargazing is available by telescope at the resort. By looking at stars, chatting with the loved one, and enjoying the candle-lit dinner and cocktail hours, time never ends.

In the morning, you might experience breathtaking sunrise in front of your tent/villa, where the road of sun gradually appears on the sea. When the tide is ebbing, path around the island appears and you can take a walk all the way around the island.

For accommodation, there are one villa and 7 beach view tents. If you have more guests, 9 tents in the forest can be additionally arranged, so you can invite up to 30 guests. The inside the villa is designed with the taste old Japanese house with tramson and drawer inside a step, where you can be relaxed without being distracted. In the villa, if you open the curtain in the morning, beautiful sunrise appears.

For dining, the dishes are prepared by the executive chef with fresh seafood in SETOUCHI and local ingredients. If you want, buffet style is also arranged for your guests.

In front of the sea, there is a spacious wood deck (50m x 7m) where you can use with the out-of-box idea. Why don’t you plan the elopement ceremony or the party from sunset to late at night under

the stars?

If you stay more days, experience of morning YOGA on the beach, island trekking or marine activities like KAYAK, Sup, Fishing, and Campfire, etc. will create another great memory.

If you want SETOUCHI yacht cruise, it can be arranged. You can enjoy dining and staying overnights on the yacht (4 guests in maximum).

Additionally, guests can experience the hot spring nearby the island, local shopping such as world-famous denim factories in Kojima, cultural program of Bizen-ware or modern art experience in Ekihigashi factory at Uno port. KUJIRA-JIMA staff will escort guests to the nearest port and arrange the car to the final spot.

Moreover, the private boat takes you directly go to the art island of Naoshima or Teshima.

Centralized the island, guests can enjoy nature, outdoor/marine sports, local food cooked by executive chef, culture and modern art exploration at Naoshima, Teshima or neighbor islands. All activities are benefits of KUJIRA-JIMA Resort.

In SETOUCHI, KUJIRA-JIMA Resort is the most tranquil and the most beautiful island which is not still very well-known even by Japanese.


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