Happy New Year 2021!!

We wish all happy couples to have beautiful, memorable, and special moments for your wedding events in 2021!

COVID-19 is still flying around the world; however, they are becoming tired of doing this and disappearing soon this year, I guess:D

All I can do as a wedding planner is to keep updating you on Japan's situation and getting ready so that I can welcome couples from overseas anytime.

What is your new year's resolution?

My resolution is to spend lots of time with couples, enjoy planning and coordination this year and explore new locations and not to hesitate to challenge new things:)

There are too many hidden and beautiful locations that I don't know yet for elopement/destination weddings in Japan.

I will do my best to update that attractive information here.

Please tell me about your ideal/dream wedding in Japan.

We are willing to search for a suitable location and venue for you!


Mie Watanabe

Founder + wedding planner

BEyond Weddings & Events

BEyond Weddings & Events, JAPAN

​E-mail: info@beyondweddings.jp

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BEyond Weddings and Events provides Japan elopement wedding, destination wedding and vow renewal in Kyoto, Japan. Japan Wedding Planner does wedding planning of Japan Elopement Wedding. Especially, Kyoto Elopement Wedding offers the view of authentic Japanese culture, honeymoon and its beauty.
二人だけの国内での結婚式、エロープメントウェディング 、誓いの更新、バウリニューアル、新婚旅行、挙式をプランニング | 結婚式の他、ハネムーン、フォトウェディング、前撮りのサービスもございます。

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