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Eloping in Kyoto in July/August can get more historical and cultural experience.

Spring and Autumn are popular seasons in Kyoto because of its beauty but if you want to have more historical and cultural experience, July and August are the recommended season.

As BEyond Weddings & Events, we welcome you to these season by preparing the complimentary exclusive offer with 3 choices which you can get additional benefits to your elopement journey ( Since accommodations are very busy, we would recommend you the early booking.

In July, “Gion Matsuri”, one of the three most celebrated festivals in Kyoto, is originated in people’s attempt to halt a series of raging plagues in the ninth century. The festival spans the entire month of July, which culminates in the procession of gorgeous Yamahoko floats with decorative halberds parading through the main streets on 17thand 24th. The decoration of Yamahoko are splendidly beautiful and it’s called “Moving Museum”. The festival music called “Ohayashi’’ played with traditional Japanese musical instruments reminds Kyoto people of the approaching hot summer.

Also, on August 16th, we have “Gozan Okuribi”, one of the most important events in Kyoto. At night, we can see bonfires on 5 mountain surrounding Kyoto city. They light up lines of torches arranged in the shape of Kanji characters up on the mountains to make them appeal into the distance. The purpose of this event is to send out spirits of deceased to celebrate the end of summer. This time of the year is called Obon season in Japan. Gozan stands for 5 mountains and Okuribi means " Sending out spirits in the form of bonfire ". It’s a very spiritual and beautiful hours.

All over Japan, there are so many places to go in this summer but Kyoto is one of them. We are more than happy to assist you to have your elopement wedding happen July or August, with our exclusive offer.


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