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Elopement Wedding + Cultural Experience/Sight-seeing = Memorable Wedding Days!


Most of the couples from overseas come to Japan to enjoy both their big days and honeymoons.

Elopement wedding/ destination wedding is one of the options to realize both of these dreams.

For example,

1. Elopement wedding + tea ceremony

2. Elopement wedding + Japanese instrumental performance

3. Elopement wedding + Sake tasting

4. Elopement wedding + visiting historical buildings / sites ( shinto shrine, temple, traditional houses, factories and so on)

5. Elopement wedding + a walking tour with guests

6. Elopement wedding + pre-wedding date photoshoot with sight-seeing

7. Elopement wedding + a train ( a bus) rides

And more and more!!

I do love to do matching with elopement wedding and something you would like:)

So please tell me what you would like to do in Japan!

Let’s make great memories on your big day together:)


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