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- Elopement location suggestion- Aomori, JAPAN

I am from Kyoto, Japan and raised there.

Kyoto is well-known for ancient city and popular for sight-seeing among international and domestic tourists.

I love living in Kyoto, and that's why I am based on Kyoto and departing to other areas in Japan.

However, there are so many attractive locations I need to explore and Aomori prefecture is one of them.

Aomori is located in the most northern in Main Japan island and Aomori and Hokkaido connects by a railway.

Life style, dialect and food culture are different from Kyoto and it is interesting!

Speaking of Aomori, I image of the following things.

- Apple

- Onsen ( Hot spring)

- Nebuta festival

- Seafood, especially Tuna fish

- Mt. Hakkoda

- Lake. Towada

- Hirosaki castle

Apple pie and Seafood bowl must be so tasty!

But the above list was not enough to introduce you about their hidden treasure.

So, I would like to suggest the following spot/ location for your sharing vows.

  1. Tsuru no maihashi bridge ( Top of this bridge)

2. Lake Blue ( at this lake side)

3. Mt. Hakkodasan ( in this mountain if you love trekking:D )

What about on this road between snow mountains?

All photos by Yukito manager

Their nature is spectacle and magnificent and I can't find these locations in Kyoto and Tokyo.

If you are interested in eloping in Aomori, we are willing to arrange all you need including travel booking and itinerary departing Tokyo ( Narita/ Haneda) or Aomori airport:)

I am also wiling to suggest venues for your wedding reception as well.

Please feel free to contact us anytime!


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