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Wedding in Japan

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Elopement / Destination Wedding in Japan



BEyond Weddings & Events are based in Kyoto, Japan and produce our wedding services in various locations in Kyoto prefecture

such as, Kyoto city, Kyoto by the Sea and Woodland Kyoto.

In addition, we are willing to expand our services from Hokkaido to Okinawa to realize your dream wedding!

What are your wow factors? 

Japanese garden? Cherry blossoms? Mt.Fuji? Snow view? Ocean view? Japanese authentic culture experience? what else? 

We find the most remarkable and memorable destination which is so intimate, beautiful and the only one for your celebration.

Full planning & direction

We start sourcing locations / venues followed by planning and the day-of direction


Planning support & assistance 

 When you find a venue but have difficulty communicating in Japanese, we are pleased to become a bridge person between you and the venue and assist you with your planning.


Elopement planning & direction 

We find you a beautiful locations or venue, do planning and perform your vows ceremony.


Vow renewal 

We are pleased to perform your vow renewal
with photoshoot in Japan 


Dating photoshoot

In addition to your destination wedding/ elopement, we provide your pre-wedding dating photoshoot in your casual clothes.


Marriage proposal

We are pleased to do planing of
your marriage proposal in Japan



We are willing to source locations or venues and do planning to realize
your dream destination wedding or elopement from Hokkaido to Okinawa besides Kyoto!


Venue and Scene

Destination wedding and elopement produced by BEyond Weddings & Events

will happen in natural, beautiful, and the most stunning way.

We are delighted to select the unique and perfect venue/scene; National Parks, Mt.Fuji view area, spots in nature, Japanese gardens, zen temples, shinto shrines, Luxury Yacht cruise, uninhabited islands,

historical buildings, and more.

Every detailed arrangement will be handled by BEyond Weddings & Events once you decide to work with us. 
We are here to create magical moments which is beyond your expectation.


Let's enjoy working together!

Let’s stay beyond on any borders of age, nationality, religion, gender or any others. 


We are more than happy to assist you to realize your dream wedding in our beautiful country, Japan. 

Our recommended destination and venue are stunning with natural beauty, traditional atmosphere, or secret religious spot. 


You can feel tranquility and impressive at each place, at each moment and in every season.

Let's work together and enjoy destination wedding and elopement planning with us!