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【Report】Shinto Style of wedding at UNESCO world heritage, Kamigamo Shrine



If you are interested in Japanese shinto style of wedding in Shinto Shrine, we do recommend UNESCO world heritage, Kamigamo shinto shrine, Kyoto, Japan. This shrine was built about more than 1200 years ago!

A few priests can hold your ceremony in English and welcome couples from overseas. Also shinto maidens and staffs and all kind and friendly!

BEyond Weddings & Events are willing to fully support from a make-up and hair-styling trial ( if required ) and briefing the day before the wedding day to the day-of in English. We are sure that you can have a memorable and beautiful wedding experience in Japan.

Now we love to introduce a couple from the United States!

We communicated each other by email mainly but the communication went smoothly.

We arranged Japanese designs of invitation cards of wording of English and Japanese and shipped to them in the US, but they loved them so much.

Their friends and families who received invitation cards are interested in this lovely couple’s ceremony of Japanese style and 15 guests actually visited Kyoto to attend their beautiful wedding ceremony!

The wedding ceremony and photoshoot went well and we all had fun a lot!

I would like to introduce some procedure of shinto style of wedding ceremony here.

①Simple rehearsal

You can practice how to offer sacred tree leaves and vow in Japanese.


Most of female guests dressed Kimono and they look so beautiful for sure!!


Every rituals were so unique and so sacred. They all must have had special experience! Toasting with Japanese sake means to bond Bride and Groom, their families and friends’ companionship and love. We believe Sake is a kind of sacred one to drink.

④We headed to Main shrine to pray for their happiness.

Then headed to a branch shrine for loved ones and pray for the long tasting love.

And photoshoot time!

They did enjoyed the photoshoots a lot!

Fun fun!

Kimono ladies splendid!

This is one of the wonderful culture experiences and they look beautiful!!!

Kamigamo shrine premises are so huge and you can enjoy your photoshoot at some nice spots. They got married in end of November and autumn leaves are also beautiful!

Kimono Hip Hop girls!! I love this photo!!!!!

Boys fun pose!

After they changed into their clothes, we all headed to a Gion district for waling tour!

We arranged a bilingual tour guide and she show us around Gion. I am from Kyoto and come to Gion a lot but didn’t know the history and cultural stories about Gion. Oh! We happened to see Maiko ( Teenaged Japanese dancer) and Geiko ( In Tokyo, they call Geisha but we call them Geiko in Kyoto) at street! We were so lucky!

I love to do the total planning not only wedding itself but also culture experience and tour! I would like couples and guests from overseas to have a great time all day. I hope they had a great day!

After the walking tour, they enjoyed Japanese Kaiseki course meal at a Ryokan ( Japanese traditional hotel ) the newlyweds were staying at.

What would you like to experience in Kyoto and Japan?

We are willing to produce the custom made wedding day for you:)

Please feel free to contact us anytime!

Mie from BEyond Weddings & Events


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