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【Report】Halloween & Woodland themed wedding, Kyoto Japan


Happy Halloween! A English couple’s wedding ceremony and afternoon party was held under a nice weather in SHOZAN resort on 31st October!

We had communicated and prepared for Harriet & Matthew’s wedding and afternoon tea party since January. We mainly discussed each other via Messenger and prepared decoration items by both ends ( couple and us ) to meet their theme, Halloween & Fancy Woodland wedding. It was so smooth to communicate by SNS. We had a communication like a chat!

I was so happy to meet up with Harriet and Matthew in person two days before their wedding day finally! They were so lovely and friendly and their friends as well:)

Their big day was perfect about weather, decorations, ceremony and party!

I found these decorative books and pumpkin on line and a vintage clock at shop in Kyoto.

Crystal ornaments were prepared by couple and I got keys from a online site, Etsy. ( I love Etsy!! You can find cute and nice items!)

Wedding ceremony begins in front of two trees connecting with a soft and light fabric. It is symbolized that two souls become one.

So beautiful..

And Hand fasting ritual! It was my first experience to assist as we don’t have this ritual in Japan. The meaningful ritual was so impressive!

Photoshoot time! It was so fun!

And Afternoon tea party commenced!

I love the bunting of ” WE ELOPED”!!

Their request of afternoon tea was ” British Style “. So I rent cups & saucers and plates from Aynsley Japan and the newlyweds brought their teapot from home as we couldn’t find any British style of teapot to rent in Japan.

!Tea drops are shape of heart!

This menu was designed my web design partner, Emi.

They enjoyed the party in the cozy atmosphere.

Harriet was so lovely got impressed at each moment! Venue, decorations, wedding cakes, cupcakes, ceremony, photoshoot and so on!

I was honored to hear her words that she couldn’t be happier to realize her dream wedding in Kyoto, Japan.

Needless to say, the length of time on wedding day is short compared to the length of the planning time.

However, it is my pleasure to prepare together toward their wedding day and I become hyper on the big day! I love this feeling!! That’ s why I can’t stop being a wedding planner, hehe.

I like to use my energy fully regardless of the number of guests and the size of reception. I love to do my best to realize a dream wedding for each couple.

and hiring me as your wedding planner! I am so fortunate!

Best wishes on a long and happy marriage!


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