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【Report】 Elopement wedding at a Japanese garden


I would like to share the destination wedding of Marianna and Dmitry that was held on 17 April 2018 here!

The beautiful and lovely couple had requested their elopement wedding at a private garden as they were keen to have their intimate wedding ceremony with their parents.

I suggested a few venues and they chose OKAKUEN Japanese restaurant. OKAKUEN has beautiful Japanese gardens which the seventh generation landscape gardener, Ogawa Jihei created.

On the actual day, Marianna and Dmitry prepared at JUNEI HOTEL they stayed.(

Marianna’s make-up and hair-styling was done by Emily Noda ( ) but oh my goodness, we were so impressed to see such a beautiful bride and and handsome groom!! They were like movie stars or models!

Marianna’s parents and Dima’s mother came from Russia to attend their ceremony and I conducted their wedding ceremony in Japanese mainly and English in some parts as their request. For the preparation, we communicated by emails and Skype.

I made their wedding ceremony script ( The ceremonies and scripts are original for each couple) in Japanese and English and Marianna and Dima made the script book in Japanese and English on left side and the translation in Russian on the right side so that their parents could understand how the ceremony went. It was great for me to work together! ( And thank you for checking my writing English as well!)

We added some Japanese traditional tastes in their wedding ceremony like sipping sake and drawing eyes on daruma doll, and the ceremony went well:)

(Photography by Kai Photography)

(Photography by Kai Photography Japan)

After ceremony, they enjoyed their festive lunch and photoshoot at whole gardens:)

And then we all went for photoshoot in Kyoto palace, Arashiyama and Higashiyama district by a big van:)

It rained while we were in Arashiyama but it was not a big matter for  Kai, a Singaporean photographer and she took wonderful photos for them!

(by Kai Photography Japan)

During their photoshoot, the newlywed and their families enjoyed the sight-seeing and tried Sakura flavored ice cream:) It is one of the great and memorable experiences in Destination weddings!

I also truly enjoyed the whole time I spent with Marianna and Dima from preparation to the actual day, and now I miss the conversation with them.. Their families were nice and friendly as well! I tried to communicate using a translation app of Russian. Marianna’s dad taught me a few Russians.


We wish you a happy life together and thank you so much for choosing KYOTO as your destination wedding!

Please feel free to contact me anytime when you are interested in your elopement wedding in KYOTO, JAPAN, and tell me your dream wedding:) Would you like to elope in City or countryside? Western style, Japanese style or blending style of them?

Look forward to hearing from you!


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