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『Planner’s Blog』 Minimalism and elopement wedding


I had been working for many couples in Las Vegas, Guam island, Singapore and Japan ( Kyoto and Sapporo) for 15 years and became a freelanced planner last year.

I like minimalism lifestyle and try to focus on what I like and eliminate my discontent in my life. There are many meanings about ” minimalism” but I found the right meaning for me when I googled.

Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom. ( from The Minimalist)

The way of life and to think is my ideal!

And now I would like to say it would be perfect if your elopement wedding could be your minimalism style.

I believe elopement wedding itself is kind of minimalism because you can just focus on what you love in your wedding and it is a good opportunity to eliminate things you are not interested for preparation because it is too much work to bring all of things to abroad.

My passion in my life is to assist foreign tourists and couples to know Japan and experience something you are interested in – lifestyle, modern to traditional cultures, foods, people, beautiful views, historical building etc.

So I would like many non-Japanese couples to choose Japan as your elopement wedding place and bring your own items you like and your wedding theme or idea for your special moment.

Location example 1: Sapporo, HOKKAIDO

Location example 2: Kyotango, KYOTO

Location example 3: Kyoto city

What would you like to do in your elopement wedding?

And where would you like to hold your wedding ceremony?

I am pleased to assist you for your ideal elopement wedding in Japan especially Kyoto:)

I am interested in all styles of wedding because I love to live my life I can know, share and experience new things from all over the world!

Look forward to meeting many couples and sharing your happiness!


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