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『A venue option』 Shugen – The very Japanese traditional wedding style


Kyo Machiya- WAKA is a Japanese traditional house is located near Fushimi Inari shrine, which is the most popular site for sight-seeing.

This house is popular among tourists from outside of kyoto and oversea.

Now we would love to introduce this functional and beautiful Machiya house to rent the whole house ( 3 story and a basement )and enjoy your Kyoto stay with your families and friends. It is a perfect house for not only just staying but also holding your wedding ceremony, reception and experience some Japanese cultures such as tea ceremony, Geisha dance and so on!

The Japanese oldest and most traditional non- religious ceremony style- Shugen has been reevaluated among Japanese couples and families as they can make their wedding scene more intimate and feel comfortable with their families and close friends. This style must be suitable for foreign couples who plan their destination wedding in Japan! We are pleased to arrange to blend Japanese and Western traditions:)

For your reference, please kindly check this website from WAKA!(Sorry there is no English description but you can see what it is like.)

BEyond Weddings & Events are pleased to produce the intimate and memorable wedding scene for you!

And now please check the layout of Waka house!

One spacious living room, 3 Japanese tatami rooms, 5 western style rooms for guests and 2 multi purpose rooms in basement are in this house! You must have special and memorable time to spend!

We can say that Waka is a kind of Japanese version of mansion in your country:)

Here is the entrance.

In this retro atmosphere room, there is a bar counter. You can enjoy an original Gin and Japanese sake from Fushimi region!

In this multi purpose room, you can hold wedding ceremony, parties and so on!

And this is a Japanese room. It is a good match for Japanese wedding kimonos!

In a reception, we are pleased to cater any types of foods.

Also you can cook anything you want at their kitchen:)

It must be a perfect place for your destination wedding in Kyoto!

Kyo Machiya Waka ( Japanese only) :

Please feel free to contact Mie anytime!


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