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Elopement / Destination Wedding in Japan



BEyond Weddings & Events produce our services in various locations from Kyoto, Japan.

At your special moment, let's explore the unparalleled destination in Japan. 

There are so many places which are still undiscovered and unknown by foreign tourists, even by Japanese​.

We discover the most remarkable and memorable destination which is so quiet, so beautiful and the only one for your celebration.

KYOTO city 

Central area of Kyoto city - parks, Japanese gardens, historical buildings, Luxury Hotels, etc


KYOTO by the sea

One or Two nights trips

( 2.5 hours from Kyoto station-)

elopement in nature, cultural experience, Foods, Onsen, reception & honeymoon


KYOTO in the forest

One day or one nights trips

( 1.5h from central Kyoto)

Miyama village, Glamping 



Sapporo, Niseko, Otaru, Furano, Kiroro, etc

Winter ~ Summer

elopement, reception & honeymoon



Public parks, Historical buildings, urban views, etc

elopement, reception & pop cultural experience

Beyond, Elopement Wedding

Islands in Japan

Luxury Cruise ship, isolated island, Shodoshima Naoshima, Okinawa (elopement only), etc
elopement, reception & honeymoon



We are willing to search locations for your elopement/destination wedding and honeymoon!

IMG_9751 2.JPG

Venue and Scene

Your elopement wedding by BEyond Weddings & Events will happen in natural, beautiful, and the most stunning way.

We are delighted to select the unique and perfect venue/scene; National Parks, spots in nature, Japanese gardens, temples, Luxury Yacht cruise, uninhabited islands, historical buildings, and more.

Every detailed arrangement including travels from Kyoto, Tokyo or Sapporo will be handled by BEyond Weddings & Events once you decide to work with us. 
We are here to create magical moments which is beyond your expectation.



・Elopement  ( Couple only or guests up to 6)
・Destination wedding ( With guests up to 50)

​・Vow renewal
・Wedding reception
・Marriage proposal

・Any other events
All types of couples are very welcomed !

Let’s stay beyond on any borders of age, nationality, religion, gender or any others. 


We are more than happy to assist you to realize your dream in our beautiful country, Japan. 

Our recommended destination and venue are stunning with natural beauty, traditional atmosphere, or secret religious spot. 


You can feel tranquility and impressive at each place, at each moment and in every season.

We are willing to find a great and unique spot in Kyoto, Hokkaido,Tokyo, Setouchi islands, Aomori

or wherever that realizes your dream wedding!

JAPAN Elopement/ destination wedding scenes

JAPAN Elopement/ destination wedding scenes

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Beyond, Elopement Wedding


Mie did a beautiful job at planning out our day and making our dream come true.

On the day she had prepared a very beautiful and touching wedding script. She was quick to organise everything including hair, make-up and photography on a simple budget that suited us. There was constant communication with us since the moment we first contacted her.

We definitely recommend Mie for anyone who is interested in having a stress free wedding in Japan.

We cannot thank or recommended her enough. ❤️


Beyond, Elopement Wedding


We would like to say thank you for such a perfect day! We had the best time and photos by Eiichi are incredible! Mie, you were amazing! Again, thank you!


Beyond, Elopement Wedding

KYOTO by the sea

We just finished exploring Benesse House. Such an amazing place ! Thank you so much for the detailed directions was extremely helpful.

More so, thank you for all the amazing work in putting together our wedding. It was even more than we could have hoped for and that is all thanks to you. Your full team was amazing so please send a very warm thank you to Mami, Takeru and so sorry to not have the name but our wonderful tour guide around the temple and brewery. We’ll be sure to keep you posted of our adventures.


How to Plan with Us

We are always here and honored to make the remarkable plan for you. If Japan is one of the candidate countries, let’s contact us immediately to inform us of what you want or expect in elopement/destination wedding.

The initial consultation is free. Also, we can support you as a second opinion.


Please contact us at any time. Any inquiry is very welcomed. 

*Initial consultation is free of charge.

*We can support you as a second opinion.


Unlimited communication starts. 

The communication methods are email, social media such as Facebook, whatsapp, skype, etc.


​ We will submit the proposal to you

*Prior to unlimited communication, a deposit of 50,000 JPY and mutual agreement by a countersign of Letter of Agreement are required. 


We will make the best fit plan which is only one and beyond your expectation.

*For detailed arrangements and preparations, deposit of balance is required 2 weeks before the day.


*The transfer method is TransferWise or PayPal (PayPal fee 5% required). Steps 2 and 3 will proceed simultaneously.


On the big day, your dream will come true in Japan, which is unforgettable memory in your life. 

​We will do our best as a professional and a person as well.